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Keeping You and Your Family Safe There isn't a person who won't have been affected by the changes brought about by the outbreak of Coronavirus and there's very few people who won't have absorbed the stay safe message. This blog explores how Cairns and Hall have been able to continue to work safely and, as we come out of lockdown, will continue to work to keep you and your family safe. As a business sector with the second-highest number of fatalities, it's understandable why the building and construction sector takes the safety of its sites, workers and those around them so seriously. So it shouldn't come as too much of a surprise to learn that the COVID risk assessments and personal protection measures needed to work safely in your home come as second nature to all the builders and contractors at Cairns and Hall. Keeping you and your family safe Cairns and Hall have always believed that, as builders working inside your home in Hertfordshire, we're guests for the duration of the build [read more]. Our respect for your home extends to the respect for your personal safety. The builders and trades employed by Cairns and Hall:

  • maintain a safe distance;

  • wear masks are worn on-site for your protection;

  • and use anti-bacterial hand gels throughout the day.

"One of the joys of the building profession is tea and biscuits but our adherence to Government guidance means that we'll respectfully decline food and drink whilst on site - please don't feel offended. We very much look forward to the lifting of this particular restriction."

When it comes to meeting Nick or Jamie and discussing your building project, common sense prevails and we will maintain distance and stay outside. A site visit helps you to get a proper sense of who we are and how we work as much as it allows us to get a sense for the context of your development. Building in Hertfordshire During Lockdown Just like many other businesses, Cairns and Hall Construction had little option than to furlough at the start of lockdown but, thankfully, just for a short period of three weeks. With builder's merchants shutting their doors, our challenge became one of supply but our good credit and broad supply base kept us working. However, the companies which manufacture building products are returning to work, stock levels are getting back to normal and the slower, more considered pace at which we had to work during lockdown is now improving. 1. High-End Harpenden Build

During lockdown our contracts continued on-site and we're grateful to be building two homes which are unoccupied. The first home is a high-end building project in Harpenden; a large scale internal renovation requiring structural steel to make space for new doors, windows, a new en-suite and a bespoke German kitchen. Our quality-finish provides the blank canvas for Deborah Fitz Interiors of Harpenden to style, furnish and complete the project so that the owner can leave their rented house and return to a beautiful home. 2. More Family Space

The second house, whilst still empty, is one we're working on - rather than in. The construction project in Wheathampstead is a chalet bungalow that we're doubling in size. This large-scale re-development has left just three walls of the original bungalow still standing; we've dug-down, dug-out and we won't leave until topped-out and fitted-out. By the time we're complete and COVID restrictions are lifted, this house will offer considerably more space and have enough bedrooms so that the home owners will be able to have their family stay over and see more of their grandchildren.

Lockdown has changed the way builders work and it's also changed the way Hertfordshire homeowners use their space - whether that's making more space for work or finding more space for family.

In our next blog we'll be looking at the increase in demand for garden rooms and home offices, as more people choose to work from home and extend their living rooms into their gardens.

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