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Hertfordshire Builders


Jamie Cairns


Nick Hall  


Cairns and Hall is a Hertfordshire-based family home builder, a Partnership that's building a company built on recommendation and trust.

Formed in 2016, Cairns and Hall is a young company that works hard to raise the bar by working to a better standard.


Jamie Cairns and Nick Hall first met on site whilst Nick was an apprentice plumber to a local building contractor for whom Jamie was providing sub-contract plastering services. Jamie and Nick often found themselves working together inside properties and, following-on from the first fix, soon developed a way of working together. Not long afterwards they were sharing the drive to work. When the Director of the building contractor who employed them decided it was time to retire, Nick and Jamie were gifted an opportunity to formalise their working partnership under Cairns and Hall.

A plasterer and a plumber make the perfect nucleus of a company working to improve your home; the Partners' kitchen and bathroom renovations were soon earning them recommendations to work in the hearts of homes across Hertfordshire. Jamie and Nick recruited additional tradespeople, acquiring first fix skill sets so that Cairns and Hall were able to broaden it expertise and offer practical advice from general home improvement through single storey extensions to full house refurbishment.


Right from the start, trust was a concept that was present at the foundation of the Partnership and it's trust that has allowed the Partnership to grow. Cairns and Hall understand the degree of trust homeowners need to have before appointing a building contractor to begin improving your home. Jamie and Nick's partnership is built on three core principles:


  • ​Honesty

  • Openness

  • Trust

Nick Hall
Partner, Cairns and Hall

"Trust is a big thing for us."


The building and construction Partnership has grown, won trust and earned new business by word of mouth on the back of its commitment to fixed price projects. Cairns and Hall is built on a belief that it's the quality of work and a respect for your home and family which make this builders' partnership different.


Jamie and Nick personally estimate all building works comprehensively and, typically, our building estimates for single storey extensions run to 7 or 8 pages. Cairns and Hall believes in open, up-front and honest pricing of home improvement projects. This often means that Cairns and Hall Construction's estimates may, at first, appear higher when compared to other builders'. That's because, wherever possible, estimates are fully-costed and designed to not generate nasty surprises from 'extras' appearing towards the end of the build.


Cairns and Hall trades as an LLP (a Limited Liability Partnership) but its own internal definition of the partnerships it builds extend to the critical partnership between builder and home owner. Only by working together and trusting each other can the visions for your family home be realised.


Cairns and Hall works to one standard - the Partners continue to guide and shape the business by encouraging all building and construction staff to ask themselves:

"Would this be acceptable in your own home?"

Jamie and Nick recognise that, for the duration of the build, they and their team are guests in your home but are aware that their work will stay with you far longer. Cairns and Hall's business continues to grow thanks to the quality of work they leave behind and the word of mouth recommendations that committing to building to a better standard generates.

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